Victor Chisako

Manager / Company

Awesome place for us and our dog! We highly recommend Gulnaz for a dog (or a cat) daycare. She is very knowledgeable and responsible. Gulnaz sent us photos everyday while we are away so that we know our dog is safe and having a lot of fun with her and other dogs. We can see she cares about owners as much as pets.

Antonina T.

Excellent place! We had to leave our 10,5 years old dog for 3 weeks and chose it to be with Gulnaz. Our dog definitely felt stress-free and enjoyed communicating with other dogs there. Also, we noticed some positive behavior changes. I highly recommend this place.

David Hinton

We wish to share some very positive results regarding our choice of. Gulnaz as our dog sitter Not only is she totally dedicated to the care and training of dogs, but she has a home set up with the comfort and care of your treasured dog, After reading her credentials, it made our decision to meet with her a simple one.
The meeting was not hurried it was thorough as to her aforementioned credentials. More over we were very impressed by her mannerism that pertain to the care and training of dogs, precise and to the point, with the desire to achieve the very best outcome for the dog! That all said we had no hesitation in leaving out just 16 week lab puppy girl In her care while we went on a one week vacation : it must be mentioned that during our vacation pictures and video of our puppy were sent to us almost everyday. Upon our return, Gulnaz gave us a full account of her behaviour.
A few observations after we got our puppy back. Once home we noticed quite profound changes, due to the structure at. Gulnaz home facility.
No longer Does she mouth at our hands; no longer does she jump up at the food table or counters where food is being prepared. She has become more calm, is more attentive for us to train, Needless to say we highly recommend Gulnaz for your dog old or young. I will mention I have been the owner of dogs since childhood which is for more years than I care to mention,and this has been my best experience in the care of a dog :
PN : that the results were purely from Gulnaz organized and well-structured home facility, because we paid for only boarding and not training, we intend to use her for training our dog in the future.

Via Natalie Noynay

Gulnaz is awesome!!! She is absolutely very knowledgable with dog behavior, and she is a balanced trainer. I am very happy with her methods. My puppy gets reactive when leashed, and Gulnaz has been of big help with her behavior. My puppy is now calmer on the leash. She is also more obedient at home. Gulnaz is also very morally supportive and kind with me! She always tries to keep my spirits up when I get nervous with my puppy. She understands dogs very well. I could not recommend her more!